OUT NOW: “Loud Listening Murano” Crónica 099~2015

The new episode of the Loud listening project has been finally released on today, this time focused on the island of Murano, Venice, and its unique glass production.

“Loud Listening Murano” is a massive compilation featuring various sound artists who have reworked the original field recordings made by me and Attilio Novellino, during the artist residency held in Murano on January 2014. For more infos see at Crónica electronica.

BIG THANKS to Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela for their support and keep believing in the project.

Loud Listening is a format created by Alessio Ballerini, Enrico Coniglio and Attilio Novellino, members of the Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori, an association founded to promote the culture of soundscapes.

Out Now: Enrico Coniglio ‎”Plundering the Ancient World” (Silentes 2015)

8+8 is a series of 8 different visions by Stefano Gentile (photo size 8″).
Each photograph is accompanied by a different soundtrack.
8 different photographs with the sound track from 8 different artists: Gianluca Favaron, Eric La Casa, Simon Whetham, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Enrico Coniglio, Dirk Serries, Francisco Lopez, Fabio Orsi / Claudio Rocchetti.

My contribute is titled “Plundering the Ancient World” and is a long-drone track made with electric guitars, clarinet duduk and electronics devices. Grab your copy directly at Discogs.

Thanks so much to Stefano Gentile for inviting me in this project.

Out now: My Home, Sinking “Sleet”

So excited to announce that “Sleet” has been finally released. Check it at the official Bandcamp page.

“Sleet” is a pastoral fable with a resolutely vulnerable core – a ’60s folk narrative echoing through modern classical and ambient music. Enrico Coniglio evokes the cadenced ghosts of My Home, Sinking with the aid of Natalia Drepina, Katie English, Peter Gallo, Piero Bittolo Bon and Giovanni Natoli [ …].

Audiocassette presented in a craft paper packaging and letter-pressed cover. Coming with dried brambles in a small pergamino paper bag. Hand numbered envelopes.

– STASHED GOODS FOR EUROPE [http://www.store.fluid-radio.co.uk]
– UNDER MY BED FOR ITALY [http://undermybedrecordings.bandcamp.com – cat. UMB#46].

More on the “making of” here.