Glacial Movements 10th Anniversary
one-day festival

22.12.2016 | 21:00
Milano | Masada
Viale Carlo Espinasse 41

SENTIREASCOLTARE says: “Enrico Coniglio, uno dei maggiori ricercatori nell’ambito del paesaggio sonoro, che eseguirà una “topofonia” dei punti di fusione e solidificazione del paesaggio acquatico”.

Event by PLUNGE.

Out Now: VVAA “Aqua Matrix” (Dragon’s Eye recordings)

So happy my track Acque Lotiche/Acque Lentiche has been featured on this release, out for Dragon’s Eye recordings, as the result of an artist residency held in Campania, south of Italy, last year.

‘Aqua Matrix’ is an investigation into the aesthetics of water, a research and artistic experiment about one of the most fundamental elements in nature for its acoustic and physical properties. A few short art residencies took place in Irpinia, a unique land of natural heritage that holds one of the most important reservoirs in Italy. Therefore, water as a thread, being Irpinia the power source and starting point of an extraordinary work of hydraulic engineering, the Apulian Aqueduct, the largest one in Europe, brings water from Irpinia to Apulia. Water as medium, physical matter and dynamic sound, magic and arcane element, spiritual entity, primary and essential source, full of symbolic and archetypical aspects.

Cover by Fabio Perletta
Mastering by SEC_
Text by Gianni Papa (Flussi Media Arts Festival)

Listen/purchase at

Out Now: Solèra – Bragos series (13/Silentes 2016)

So happy to finally announce the release of ‘Solèra’, second episode of the “Bragos series”.

10 inch vinyl cut with photographs by Stefano Gentile printed on forex. Limited to 25 copies.

Out Now: Astrùra – Bragos series (13/Silentes 2016)

I’m so pleased to officially announce the release of ‘Astrùra’, a new soundscape composition dedicated to the lagoon of Venice.

Stream and grab your copy here.

The album comes as a 10 inch vinyl cut with amazing photographs by Stefano Gentile.

OUT NOW: “Loud Listening Murano” Crónica 099~2015

The new episode of the Loud listening project has been finally released on today, this time focused on the island of Murano, Venice, and its unique glass production.

“Loud Listening Murano” is a massive compilation featuring various sound artists who have reworked the original field recordings made by me and Attilio Novellino, during the artist residency held in Murano on January 2014. For more infos see at Crónica electronica.

BIG THANKS to Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela for their support and keep believing in the project.

Loud Listening is a format created by Alessio Ballerini, Enrico Coniglio and Attilio Novellino, members of the Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori, an association founded to promote the culture of soundscapes.