OUT NOW: Enrico Coniglio “Song from Ruined Days” – DL – Spire 2022 (Touch music)

I’m super happy to share the re-release of “Song from Ruined Days” on Spire Bandcamp.

The present release is a long-drone track mostly based on recordings made in Porto Marghera, a big industrial coastal area on the mainland of Venice, Italy (Winter 2009), now largely on disposal and afflicted by a severe economic and environmental crisis. Part of this work was originally used for a sound work in the “Antares” pavilion of VEGA Park (VEnice GAteway for science and technology) for a photography exhibition as a part of the project “Le nuove vie di Porto Marghera”. Other field recordings were made in Vienna, Austria (December 2009), in an attempt to explore the sacred spaces of the city. ‘Song from ruined days’ is a mix of industrial and liturgical soundscape, a brief journey in the space of a full desolation.

Originally released in 2010, remastered by Miguel Carvalhais in 2022.

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