Soundscapes Room #4 – Enrico Coniglio – Streaming

“Teredo Navalis live tracks. Continuano le peregrinazioni lagunari di Enrico Coniglio con un nuovo capitolo che esplora le aree liminali della laguna nord di Venezia. Un lavoro costruito quasi interamente da Field Recordings realizzate principalmente tramite idrofoni, dove il suono dell’acqua pur essendo protagonista, nella composizione occupa un posto secondario. Enrico ci propone per Soundscape room una sessione di ascolto di microsuoni della fauna e flora lagunare di velme e barene, tipiche strutture morfologiche di un ambiente naturalistico in cui la pressione antropica resta ai margini ma rivela la sua silenziosa presenza. A breve in uscita l’album omonimo per la tedesca Gruenrekorder”. Giuliana Placanica (Good vibes)

10th May 2020, h. 18.00
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A new release on the orizon: TEREDO NAVALIS – Gruenrekorder 2020

Really excited to announce I have a new solo full album coming in the next months that will be released by the amazing Gruenrekorder label. This work is titled “Teredo Navalis” and is entirely based on field recordings made in the Venetian lagoon.

Here a preview of the cover with a photograph provided by Donato Gagliano.

TEREDO NAVALIS / Enrico Coniglio / CD / Gruen 188

Stay tuned.

homework – year 4 (taâlem 2019)

my contribute for the annual compilation by taâlem records.
a dedication to the recent venice flood.

“homework – year 4″ is the fourth volume in an ongoing series of compilations which are released at the end of each year and gather unreleased tracks composed/recorded/tweaked/finalized during the year by as much taâlem artists as possible.

so once again, we’ve asked every artist who had a release on taâlem during these 18 years to contribute a 2019 track.

we’ve received 59 tracks for this fourth edition. most of the contributing artists were already present on the previous editions (even on all of them for a few artists!), some appear for the first time, others could unfortunately not make it for this fourth volume for various reasons.
some of them will hopefully be back for the fifth one in 2020!

as always, taâlem wishes to thank all the artists involved for their generosity, patience, trust and support during all these years.
and once again, big thanks to our ever loyal customers too! we couldn’t go on without you.

previous volumes:

OUT NOW: Open To The Sea “Another Year Is Over” (Midira records 2019)

Happy to announce the release of “Another Year Is Over, Let’s Wait for Springtime” – digisleeve CD + eight page booklet, limited to 200 copies.

Linear notes: “Open To The Sea” is the collaboration project of Matteo Uggeri and Enrico Coniglio and “Another Year Is Over, Let´s Wait For Springtime” is their second album. While Coniglio focusses on guitar, synths and other instruments, Uggeri adds samples and field recordings to create a soundcosmos full of tiny melodies and themes with appereance by some guest musicians on drums, trumpet and cello. That would make a perfect experimental ambient album with jazzy moments, but Uggeri & Coniglio push this release further by adding some vocals to most of the tracks by inviting guest singers like Dominic Appleton (This Mortal Coil) or Lau Nau from Finland.

The album features artwork by Graham Crowley and got mastered by James Plotkin.

Purchase also at

OUT NOW: “The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds” – cassette – (KHS 014)

Happy to announce the release of “The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds” – For function generator, loops, cassette player, effects.

Linear notes: Conceived as an exploration of the interstitial sound of matter, these two brand new tracks by Enrico Coniglio challenge the listener to take a path into the field of the audible and let him acknowledge the marginal possibilities of listen. Moreover, as its author stated, «this work is about walking bent over through deserted, windy lands, where rocks are sharp and nature is at its peak».

Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds comes in a 80 copies edition tape featuring the artwork by Clio Casadei.

Recorded live at Fusion Art Center/Neo, Padova, Italy, April 21st, 2018

Listen/purchase at

OUT NOW: Libet – Referrer (1834)

I’m pleased to announce the release of “Libet – Referrer” by 1834 netlabel.

This work is based on recordings produced by Christian Di Vito & SCHRANKE.

Mastered by Miguel Carvalhais. Vocal sample on “Time” by Lisa La Pietra.

The release is available for streaming and free download at