OUT NOW: “The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds” – cassette – (KHS 014)

Happy to announce the release of “The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds” – For function generator, loops, cassette player, effects.

Linear notes: Conceived as an exploration of the interstitial sound of matter, these two brand new tracks by Enrico Coniglio challenge the listener to take a path into the field of the audible and let him acknowledge the marginal possibilities of listen. Moreover, as its author stated, «this work is about walking bent over through deserted, windy lands, where rocks are sharp and nature is at its peak».

Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds comes in a 80 copies edition tape featuring the artwork by Clio Casadei.

Recorded live at Fusion Art Center/Neo, Padova, Italy, April 21st, 2018

Listen/purchase at www.kohlhaas.it

OUT NOW: Libet – Referrer (1834)

I’m pleased to announce the release of “Libet – Referrer” by 1834 netlabel.

This work is based on recordings produced by Christian Di Vito & SCHRANKE.

Mastered by Miguel Carvalhais. Vocal sample on “Time” by Lisa La Pietra.

The release is available for streaming and free download at archive.org.

In memory of John Rixton

This video was made for “Quiet Voices” at Tate Britain in 2010. In John’s words “it was shot over one day in Jökulsárlón, South East Iceland”.

Soundtrack is “Alone in the Rising Fog” by Aqua Dorsa (Gianluigi Gasparetti/oophoi & Enrico Coniglio) Glacial Movements.

May his soul rest in peace.

Enrico Coniglio & Nicola Di Croce @ Cafè Oto, London

Three performances investigating industrial spaces in Venice, London and Yorkshire

MONDAY 21 JANUARY 2019, 7.30PM

Enrico Coniglio & Nicola Di Croce will headline the night with their performance “Mergariam”, a sonic journey into the industrial area of Porto Marghera, one of the biggest chemical industries in Europe, located within the Venice lagoon. The performance is the result of a commissioned sound installation celebrating the 100 years anniversary of the industry.  The album Mergariam will be launched on the night via the label Flaming Pines!

Kate Carr presents a piece dedicated to the London Loop walking track which takes in recycling plants, car wreckers, and industrial storage plants alongside migratory bird reserves, temporary ponds and abandoned rusted machinery.

David Veléz offers a depiction of post industrial Yorkshire soundscapes where abandoned factories and obsolete machinery work as quiet reminders of the abrasive sonorities and clanking noises that once fuelled Northern England’s industrial splendour. The performance will make use of garbage and found objects as percussive devices.

An interview with Mirco Salvadori for Radio Sherwood


Here a super nice interview with Mirco Salvadori posted on Radio Sheerwood.

“Meeting a looter of the ancient world is something that helps understanding this modern one. These looters’ behaviour does not contain violence or abuse, they are idealists armed with high sensitivity microphones, the same sensitivity they spread on the grooves where the sound is sown. Enrico Coniglio is one of these warriors, inoffensive yet dangerously able to alienate and perturb those who come in contact with the work they produce. One of the greatest Italian exponents of soundscaping, master of sound alternation that allows listening experiences soaked with opposed materiality, linked to the apparent inconsistency of the recorded sound as well as to the ethereal sweetness of the just faint melody. This is a chat that we had a few months ago, on the occasion of his live performance within the festival Oblique Strategies curated by Giuliana Placanica at the Fusion Art Center / Neo of Padua, an event dedicated to border-line sound – which will resume in the fall.”. Read more at here.

Many thanks to Giulia Baldi for the translation from Italian.

OUT NOW: Nell’attesa del tuo prossimo respiro (13/Silentes – 2018)

“Waiting for your next breath” (Ita “NELL’ATTESA DEL TUO PROSSIMO RESPIRO”) is a double photographic book that includes four different photographic stories by Stefano Gentile and Monica Testa, whose shots have as object of investigation the landscapes of abandonment. Those that once were spaces for social relations (cinemas, parks, hospitals and so on), have now become temples of ruin: marginal, forbidden, dangerous, inaccessible. However, without indulging in the simple ‘painting of ruins’ so dear to Piranesi, they draw from the decadence of architectural complexes and materials the power to imagine possible futures of meaning. Here, in this lies the wait for your next breath… Enrico Coniglio and Stefano Guzzetti – separately – have created, in the margins of the photographic images, some possible musical settings, which we hope can accompany the slow browsing of the book by future owners.

The two 25×25 cm format books are housed in a cross-folded ‘container’ along with the two CDs.
The artwork was created by Chris Bigg (4AD, David Sylvian).
13 publishes this work in an edition of only 300 copies.

Get your copy here.

OUT NOW: ET​-​032 | released June 22, 2018

A split album by me and Christian Di Vito for 1834 digital label. Our Summer’s mood.

Released June 22, 2018.