Environmental sound recordist and sound artist, Enrico Coniglio (born in Venice in 1975), is an Italian composer with a deep interest in landscape aesthetics. He graduated in Town and Country Planning from IUAV, and his research focuses on investigating the loss of identity in places and the uncertainty of territorial evolution, paying particular attention to the context of the Venetian lagoon.

His music incorporates a diverse range of stylistic influences, blending elements of ambient, drone, modern classical, and field recordings.

Photo by Donato Gagliano

His works have been featured by esteemed labels such as Crónica electronica, Gruen Rekorder, Taalem, Fear Drop/Fario, Glacial Movements, Hypnos, Fluid Audio, Dronarivm, 13/Silentes, Midira records, Kohlhaas, Touch/Spire, 2020 Editions, Superpang.

Throughout his career, he has performed at numerous venues, festivals, and art galleries, including notable appearances at Planet Love (Dublin), The Big Chill (Birmingham), Hydrophonia (Barcelona 2010), Flussi (Avellino), Teatro Fondamente Nuove (Venice), Café Oto (London), O’ (Milan), Störung (Barcelona), Liminaria (Benevento), Aquamatrix (Avellino), Stazione Topolove (Topolò), DOM Cultural Centre (Moscow), Forma (Udine), Nub project space (Pistoia), Angelica (Bologna), Klang (Rome), Ocean space (Venezia).

Enrico has been involved in various musical projects, including Open to the Sea (with Matteo Uggeri & Saverio Rosi), Tavoloparlante (with Nicola Di Croce), Lemures (with Giovanni Lami), Aqua Dorsa (with oophoi †), Herion (with Emanuele Errante & Elisa Marzorati), and he is also the founder of the ambient/folk project My Home, Sinking.

Furthermore, he co-manages the digital label Galaverna | approaching post-digital sound with Leandro Pisano and Nicola Di Croce, and Vernalis, in collaboration with Krisis publishing.