Æther #001 by Enrico Coniglio Dronarivm Guest Mixes Series

I was recently invited by the good guys at Fonodroom / Dronarivm to make a mix, so here are some of my fav tracks/authors on the label. Peace.

The first episode in our new series of guest mixes is created by the Italian sound artist Enrico Coniglio. In this episode, Enrico explores the vast discography of Dronarivm and selects some of his favourite tracks spanning from 2014 to 2024.

Enrico’s own music incorporates a diverse range of stylistic influences, blending elements of ambient, drone, modern classical, and field recordings. On Dronarivm, we have published five of his works, some recorded in collaboration with Matteo Uggeri and Giulio Aldinucci. His most recent album, “The Sirens Of Titan”, is a conceptual work based on the renowned novel by Kurt Vonnegut and is available in a special physical packaging: dronarivm.bandcamp.com/album/the-sirens-of-titan


00:00. SineRider – Lapis (from the album “Moonflowers”, 2020)
04:04. Innesti – Filament and Place (from the album “Filament and Place”, 2021)
07:36. Christopher Bissonnette – Color Deceives Continuously (from the album “The Wine Dark Sea”, 2020)
13:52. bvdub – Gainless [G]estures (from the album “A Different Definition of Love”, 2018)
24:48. Sven Laux and Daniela Orvin – Friends (from the album “The Writings”, 2019)
30:24. Federico Mosconi – Braiding Light (from the album “Dreamers and Tides”, 2021)
35:10. Endless Melancholy – Will You Be There (from the album “Fragments of Scattered Whispers”, 2018)
39:05. Hipnotic Earth – Phosphenes (from the album “Starfish & Giant Foams”, 2021)
42:52. Halftribe – More Than Autumn (from the album “Backwater Revisited”, 2019)
47:28. Enrico Coniglio & Giulio Aldinucci – Until the End of Remembrances (from the album “Stalking The Elusive”, 2020)
57:05. Sentimental Machines – Farewell March (from the album “Less”, 2014)
63:40. Robert Farrugia – Long Wait (from the album “Tilwin”, 2024)

OUT NOW: The Sirens of Titan” – CD/DL – Dronarivm 2024


Dronarivm is thrilled to announce the release of Enrico Coniglio’s highly anticipated album, “The Sirens of Titan”. Its title pays homage to the renowned novel by Kurt Vonnegut, inviting listeners on a journey filled with guitar tapestries and space oddities. Enrico Coniglio’s personal approach to ambient music promises to transport audiences to uncharted realms of delicate emotions. In “The Sirens of Titan,” Coniglio masterfully crafts yet another captivating installment on his musical path, delving deeper into the evocative world of melancholic soundscapes and expanding the horizons of his sonic exploration.

The limited physical edition is presented as a 6-panel digisleeve with 8 prints on tracing paper, featuring original drawings by Alina Lutaeva (alinalutaeva.art), based on scenes from the novel and created specifically for this release. The digisleeve is packed in a black cardboard slipcase, hand-stamped, and hand-numbered.

“A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.”
― Kurt Vonnegut, ‘The Sirens of Titan’
releases April 26, 2024

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Enrico Coniglio.
Recorded and mixed in Venice in 2016-2023.
Cover photo by Dario Camponogara
Original drawings by Alina Lutaeva
Mastered by Ian Hawgood

Thanks to Dmitry Taldykin and everyone at Dronarivm for their strength and resilience. Some tracks were previously released on taâlem.


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OUT NOW: Open to the Sea “Ten Rooms Under the Sea” – CD/DL – Dissipatio 2023


Open to the Sea, an eclectic music project led by Enrico Coniglio, Matteo Uggeri, and Saverio Rosi, returns with a new album, guiding the listener into a world of delicate intimacy, where sound is but a glimmer of light that seeps beneath the surface of the sea.

With “Ten Rooms Under the Sea,” we travel through the rooms of time, guided by melancholy but with no risk of falling into genre stereotypes. This album definitively celebrates the collaboration between Enrico and Saverio, who exchange audio tracks remotely, giving birth to fragments of recordings that are later deciphered, translated, and assembled by Matteo, in a working method that has become customary within the trio.

“Ten Rooms Under the Sea” is an ode to eclecticism, an auditory immersion that combines disparate musical elements in a delicate interweaving of guitars, piano notes, synth arpeggios, and vocal samples. It is never over the top, never excessive, and never predictable. One of the album’s brightest gems is the inclusion of King George VI’s “king’s speech,” which adds a touch of melancholy to the already rich soundscape that sparks the imagination.

These are melodies for empty days, like rooms imagined beneath the sea, with bare walls, but ready to fill with memories, regrets, desires, and even humor at the touch of PLAY.


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OUT NOW: L O P A – DL – Gruenrekorder 2023

Really happy to share with you all my latest release named “Lopa”, out only digitally on the amazing Gruenrekorder label.

Since I started with field recordings, my focus was obviously on my native town, as I was born and I live here. This album marks a fresh phase in my ongoing exploration of lagoon environments. It delves into the interplay and contrast between sounds originating from human activities and those inherent in nature within these unique landscapes.

The intention is to highlight and investigate the intriguing tension or ‘friction’ that emerges when these two distinct sonic realms intersect, offering a deeper insight into their coexistence and interactions within the lagoon ecosystem.

Composed, mixed and mastered in Venice in 2022
Recorded at 24/48 kHz
Photo by courtesy of Eleonora Ponzio
This is a soundscape work
Please note that we have intentionally decided not to print this album
Thanks to everybody at Gruenrekorder, and to Simon Whetham and to Nicola Di Croce for their suppor

OUT NOW: Luci Fisse + Luci Erranti – DL – Crónica electronica 2023

I am pleased to announce today the release of this EP for Crónica, as part of the releases celebrating the label’s 20th anniversary.

In particular, I would like to thank Miguel Carvalhais for hosting my music on his label for over 10 years. This EP is for those who seek their personal ‘thought space’ in music.

Enrico Coniglio continues to explore sonic territories that blur the lines between ambient, drone and experimental findings. Luci Fisse + Luci Erranti seamlessly builds on the sonic tapestry established in his The Grand Parade of Hostile Winds, released in 2019. This new EP is a captivating journey through two tracks, each soundscape capturing moments of stillness and wandering illumination.
For function generator, loops, effectsRecorded live-in-studio, April 2020Mastered by Miguel CarvalhaisPhotograph by Giovanna Bison

OUT NOW: Open to the Sea “Tales from an Underground River” – CD/DL – 13/Silentes 2022


CD in 6-panel digipack, ltd. 300 copies, co-produced with ADN

A diary, not a press sheet

“Tales from an Underground River” is a record that has transformed many times before it was ready to be released in Fall 2022. Here is its diary.

2019 (Winter) Enrico Coniglio gave birth to it, musically speaking, in 2019 when he recorded two long and multi-layered sets of improvisation with piano, guitar and synths.
This material was, as is true with any other OttS record, sent to Matteo Uggeri. He added and removed sounds, arranged tracks with a few beats and a wide variety of instruments (violin, drums, trumpet, cello…) played by his long time collaborators.

2020 (Winter) The tracks were then dismantled into shorter bits and re-assembled, while a concept started to take form from amongst the sounds. The floating and fluid but mysterious nature of the tracks conceived in 2020 the “underground river” idea, which afterwards became a true driving force for the further steps of the record.

2021 (Spring) The titles were then created in 2021 by Matteo’s daughter, Olivia (7 years old at the time), in a brainstorming session with her sister Nora (4 years old) and their mother, Gaia, in an attempt of creating a sort of ‘full poem’ made of the titles of the 12 songs, which coalesced into the “tales” told by the waters.

2022 (Summer) The thirteenth one (the closing track) was created in 2022, a long time after the rest of the tracks, when Saverio Rosi, a Netherlands-based Italian musician, officially joined the OttS band, now making it a trio.

Such songs include the vocals of Roberta Casini, mother of Uggeri, singing a lullaby. Indeed, the whole record hides, in its field recordings, the voices of her nephews (the two above mentioned little girls). The artwork is a painting made in (circa) 1985 by – again – Roberta. Her name might not be well known, but she was an inbetweener animator of cartoons in the ’70s and ’80s, including “La Linea” (“The Line”) by Osvaldo Cavandoli and “Tofffsy” by Pierluigi de Mas.

2022 (Fall) After more than 20 years of illness, and a few days before the publication of this record, Roberta died, leaving that kind of emptiness that makes no sense to celebrate with a mere musical release. Nevertheless, the band and the labels are somehow happy to exploit part of her artistic legacy making “Tales from an Underground River” finally public.

Yes, this description may sound weird, convoluted and depressive, but that’s the story of this record, whose musical nature develops into a continuous stream of sound, from ambient to progressive, to post rock, embracing jazz and an overall new-wave melancholic attitude.
Involuntary, the main references that the band itself quotes are the 4AD records of the eighties (This Mortal Coil in particular) and the quietest ECM releases.



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OUT NOW: Adriano Zanni & Enrico Coniglio “A Corte” – CD/DL – 13/Silentes 2022


24-page A4 booklet + CD, ltd. 200 copies

Human intervention modifying nature and occupying it by integrating into its space through architecture, nature reshaping spaces by (re)settling among structures in the form of a pulsating living organism, an ecosystem, a forest. An aural reflection on the experience of space and sound, and how the natural sound of a place can interact in particular with the architectural space that has occupied it. A visual, photographic and aural investigation of contemporary mountain landscape change, of what could have been, should have been, but was not.

“A Corte” is a photographic work by Adriano Zanni, a selection of excerpts, part of a much larger work of photographic and aural research / documentation carried out around the architectures of the former Eni Mountain Village in Corte di Cadore (Belluno, Italy) conducted over the last 15 years.

“A Corte” Consists of a 24-page booklet with an equal number of photographs coming with a companion “sonorization” created by Adriano Zanni and Enrico Coniglio, in which field recordings and sounds are mixed giving shape to a soundtrack that deeply explores folds of the soul of a place, overstepping realilty to become a dream. A total immersion in an “other” dimension among woods, villas, tents, camping, village, colony, church. Among the mountains of Cadore.