“Nell’attesa del tuo prossimo respiro” (13/Silentes 2018): track preview

“II” is an excerpt from a new track by ENRICO CONIGLIO taken from “NELL’ATTESA DEL TUO PROSSIMO RESPIRO” (Waiting for your next breath). A double photographic book that collects four different photographic stories curated by STEFANO GENTILE and MONICA TESTA. ENRICO CONIGLIO and STEFANO GUZZETTI, on two separate cds (one for each one), have voiced, on the margin of photographic images, the possible musical settings, which we hope can accompany. The two 25×25 cm sized books are packaged in a “container” where the two CDs are also spaced.

The artwork was created by CHRIS BIGG

Vocals & words: Alessandra Trevisan.

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