“Anotações Sonoras: Espaço, Pausa, Repetição” by Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais

Happy to be featured in the sound installation “Anotações Sonoras: Espaço, Pausa, Repetição” by Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais.

It was fun.


The Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto invites you for the opening of the exhibition Sonic Annotations: Space, Pause, Repetition, Friday, 23rd of March at 6 pm. A sound installation by Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais with contributions by invited artists. The installation uses all of the gallery space creating a listening area encircled by multiple sound sources establishing a connection with the architecture.

The exhibition will be running until June 30, 2018.

OUT NOW// VVAA “Rebuilding l’Alt Empordà” – Störung 2018

I was invited by Alex Gámez from Störung label to participate to “Rebuilding l’Alt Empordà” that features music by 20 artists (alphabetical order): Akamoi (IT), Alina Kalancea (RO), Asférico (ES), Asmus Tietchens (DE), Barbara Ellison (IE), elufo (ES), Federico Monti (AR), Francisco López (ES), Frank Bretschneider (DE), Giuseppe Ielasi (IT), Mathias Delplanque (FR), Mise_en_scene (IL), Pink Twins (FI), SaffronKeira (IT), Scanner (UK), Sebastien Roux (FR), Strotter Inst. (CH), Yui Onodera (JP) & Zimoun (CH).

The purpose of this release is to raise funds to help on the reconstruction of the affected rural areas due to the devastating effects of a tornado on the 7th of January, 2018, in the region of Alt Empordà in Catalonia. All the revenue generated by the sale of this publication will be donated entirely to the municipalities of Cistella and Terrades.

My contribute “Reversalis” is to be intended as a subtle listening track.


Interview for souterraine.org (only ITA)

A long interview for souterraine.org, thanks to Marco Ferretti.

<<Uno sguardo alle onde del mare. L’altro al display del registratore. Enrico Coniglio non è solo un attento osservatore, ma uno dei soundscaper italiani più eclettici in circolazione. Il suo interesse per l’estetica paesaggistica ha spesso stimolato la sua curiosità al punto da ‘traghettarlo’ dall’ambient al field recording, indagando ancora più a fondo sull’identità dei luoghi della propria anima e sull’incerta evoluzione dei territori.>>. Read more at souterraine.org

NEW RELEASE: Aʻā – Sonospace 2017

Happy to share this new digital release out today for Sonospace.

“Aʻā” is composed of 2 tracks recorded on march 2016 in Lanzarote, Canarian Islands.

Recorded at 24/48.000 with binaural microphones. Please listen through headphones for the best result.


My Home, Sinking “King of Corns” out on the 16th September 2017

It’s a big pleasure to announce that the new full album by My Home, Sinking “King of Corns” will be released by Infraction label on the 16th September 2017. Pre-order here.

The album will be available in various format:

– VINYL: 2xLP, pressing of 300 copies, 100 on white vinyl (140 gram), 200 on black vinyl (180 gram). Gatefold Stoughton tip-on sleeve with printed inner sleeves. Design by Chris Bigg. Imagery by James Heginbottom.

– CD: 6 panel mini-lp Stoughton sleeve with printed cardstock inner sleeve. Design also by Chris Bigg. Imagery by James Heginbottom.

You can also grab a limited print poster, edition of 50. Features front cover artwork.

OUT NOW: “Open to the Sea” Dronarivm 2017

“Open To The Sea” is the result of fruitful email conversation between two italian artists Enrico Coniglio and Matteo Uggeri. Sweet and minimal melodies on piano, organ and guitar of Enrico meet the efforts on trumpet and drums by Matteo, whose electronics treatment and delicate beats provide the solid ground to a music that seems a perfect match, unusual and at times brilliant, of the two artists’ sensibility. [Read more]

In the album are also involved Giulio Aldinucci, Francesca Amato / Comaneci, John Guilor, Franz Krostopovic, Andrea Serrapiglio, Violeta Paivankakkara, Francesca Stella Riva, Fabio Ricci, Lau Nau.

Buy a limited CD Digipack or a special edition CD+Puzzle+Extra digital download.

Thanks to Dmitry Taldykin and Bartosz Dziadosz @Dronarivm for believing in this project.