Lágrimas de miedo 16 – the new Fear Drop CD compilation

Fario label has released its new Fear Drop magazine #16 LA ZONE GRISE – SYNESTHESIES ET PAYSAGE MUSICAL, wich comes with the CD compilation  “Lágrimas de miedo 16 – Aux lisières”, featuring 13 unreleased pieces by steve roden, lionel marchetti, aidan baker, enrico coniglio, troum, cisfinitum, materia aurora, human greed, relapxych.0, reflection and resonance (bernhard günter & dorothea krishnabhakdi), mathias delplanque, anla courtis, yannick franck.

My contribute is titled ‘Cuire the Russie’, a little dark and noisy six minutes track based on field recordings made under the water, then manipulated with my ‘Love Drone’ Ableton Live set.

BUY here.

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