2010-2011 news archive

Dec 31 2011
Check out the video of the project Suoni dal confine, based on the event curated by Leandro Pisano and performed by me and Yasuhiro Morinaga on the 20th may 2011 at Spazio Thetis (Fondazione Thetis) in Venezia.

Dec 13 2011
Working a new long-drone track as part of a new collaborative audio-video project involving my sister Francesca, Ennio Mazzon and Under the Snow. Check out Silentes forthcoming releases.

Dec 05 2011
Due to impediments with Psychonavigation records at the release of my new album as My Home, Sinking (featuring the track ‘The Void’ firstly released with the Wire Tapper – aug 2011), with regret I have to announce the release will be push back to a date to be determined, as I will have to find another label interested in. Sorry to everybody.

Nov 28 2011
Some exciting news… the wonderful Laura Sheraan, the talented Tui (Orla Wren) and the sweet Katie English (Isnaj Dui) have joined My Home, Sinking project. Welcome on board!

Nov 5 2011
First Lemures all-day-long recording session with Giovanni Lami, in a semi-ruined old farmhouse in the Ravenna countryside, Italy. Stay tuned.

Oct 22 2011
Glad to announce I’ve finally decided to release different kind of music (ambient, folk-tronica oriented) with the new moniker My Home, Sinking.

Oct 15 2011
The release of my forthcoming album “Bragòs” out with TAIGA will be pushed back a bit (summer/autumn 2012).

Sep 27 2011
I have the pleasure to announce the wonderful Katie English aka Isnaj Dui has joined my “Snowscapes of Tomorrow” album.

Aug 10 2011
LEMURES project (Enrico Coniglio & Giovanni Lami) has been selected for playing live at the FLUSSI festival! more infos on HERE.

Jul 14 2011
OUT NOW – I’m very proud to announce my partecipation with the unreleased track ‘The Void’ on The Wire Tapper 26 CD. Get more infos HERE.

Jun 18 2011
OUT NOW – “Mindfield” a new compilation by Psychonavigation featuring the finest Ambient/Electronica/Techno sounds from across the globe.

Apr 8 2011
OUT NOW – “Dialogue One” is a split album by Enrico Coniglio and Under the Snow out for Silentes.

Mar 8 2011
OUT NOW – “I” is a two long tracks release for Collezione del Silenzio, a series of 26 cassette tapes by Silentes Tapestry.

Feb 1 2011
OUT NOW – ‘The Virgin and the plague’ my new crónicaster for Crónica electronica. Listen/download at blog.Crónica.

Jan 21 2011
OUT NOW – My first release of 2011 is the single track ‘touching the void’, for the digital compilation “Some perfect curtains” by Marco Lucchi. Listen/buy at Bandcamp.

Jan 1 2011
OUT NOW – “UNDERWATER NOISES” an experimental italian ambient and electronic music compilation, edited by Attilio Novellino (aka Un Vortice di Bassa Pressione) and Enrico Coniglio, has just been released physically with Ephre imprint and digitally with the lost children net label.

November 15 2010
OUT NOW – “OUT and ABOUT” by Herion, a collaboration project partecipated by Emanuele Errante, the pianist Elisa Marzorati and the viola player Piergabriele Mancuso, has finally been released! Check it at Hypnos.

October 25 2010
OUT NOW – “SALICORNIE – topofonie vol.2″ is out! Check it at Psychonavigation and download for free ‘Blu Venice’, the beautiful solo piano track by Gigi Masin.

August 24 2010
– 25th Sept, h. 20:00 at Forte Marghera. “We Clush in the dark”: Lorenzo Monni (impro), Enrico Coniglio (elettronica), Are You Real (psych-folk). Via Forte Marghera, Mestre VE 30173 (ITA)
– 29th Oct, h. 20:30 at Hydrophonia Festival 2010. Espai Cultural CajaMadrid, Barcelona (ES).

August 8 2010
Sunday 08 August Enrico Coniglio will performe at the Big Chill Festival (Quiet Voices), with visuals by Francesca Coniglio. Eastnor Catle, Ledbury, Birmingham (UK). See at http://www.bigchill.net/quiet-voices.

July 1 2010
OUT NOW – “Sea Cathedrals”, Enrico Coniglio feat. Manuel Posadas Cecchinato/Massimo Liverani (Cd-Silentes 2010). For further infos see Silentes.

June 30 2010
At Libreria Mondadori, San Marco 30100, h. 18:30. Enrico Coniglio dj set.

June 26 2010
Enrico Coniglio and Alessandro Doni (LLS04) are invited to join the new edition of the Florence Live Looping Festival, h. 21:00 at Parco dell’Anconella, Firenze. Don’t miss it!

June 15 2010
Today the net label Laverna is releasing its new compilation “LATE NIGHT BROADCAST” to be freely distributed as digital download at laverna.net. Enrico is partecipating with the track Glaciers are coming closer and Orange devotion with the great Gigi Masin. Good free-download to everybody!!!

June 1 2010
Crónica is publishing its 50th release, and celebrating it with a new compilation CD Cronica L to be freely distributed to all the subscribers of the Neural magazine. Enrico Coniglio and Janek Schaefer are partecipating with the track Unfurling Fugue.

April 12 2010
Summer live dates:
-12th April, “Palinodia per Elena” by Engramma, Piccolo Teatro Grassi, Milano
-24th April, “SEQ&DRONES” by Laverna, Banale, Padova
-03rd June, “French Kissing Room” at PAPESSA SUMMERS c/o In Bloom, Padova
-26 June, “Florence Live Looping Festival”, Parco dell’Anconella, Firenze
-03 July, “Unveniced” at Mondadori, SpazioEventi, Libreria Mondadori, San Marco, Venezia
-23rd July, “Interferenze Festival”, Avellino
-08th August, “BIG CHILL Festival”, Quiet Voices, Birmingham, UK

March 22 2010
I’m very proud to announce the release of Songs from ruined days for the Touch label‘s SPIRE.

March 13 2010
Live set by Molven, Enrico Coniglio+Francesca Coniglio (visuals), h. 23.00 at Deposito 95, viale Margherita 95 – Vicenza. For more infos see here.

January 23 2010
Electro-ambient live set by Molven+Enrico Coniglio, h. 22.30 at Centro Ricreativo Comunale, via Donati 1, Piazza Mercato – Abano, Padova. For more infos see idee verdi.

January 8 2010
Late at Tate Britain January: Quiet Voices. Phoebe Rixon: Mothlight, 2 min 31 sec; soundtrack by Enrico Coniglio. Click here to see more.

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