OUT NOW: “Open to the Sea” Dronarivm 2017

“Open To The Sea” is the result of fruitful email conversation between two italian artists Enrico Coniglio and Matteo Uggeri. Sweet and minimal melodies on piano, organ and guitar of Enrico meet the efforts on trumpet and drums by Matteo, whose electronics treatment and delicate beats provide the solid ground to a music that seems a perfect match, unusual and at times brilliant, of the two artists’ sensibility. [Read more]

In the album are also involved Giulio Aldinucci, Francesca Amato / Comaneci, John Guilor, Franz Krostopovic, Andrea Serrapiglio, Violeta Paivankakkara, Francesca Stella Riva, Fabio Ricci, Lau Nau.

Buy a limited CD Digipack or a special edition CD+Puzzle+Extra digital download.

Thanks to Dmitry Taldykin and Bartosz Dziadosz @Dronarivm for believing in this project.

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