AIPS showcase at Cafe Oto, London

AIPS presents: Postcards from Italy // 
Enrico Coniglio + Barbara De Dominicis + Giovanni Lami
Alessio Ballerini + Fabio Perletta + Pietro Riparbelli
Giulio Aldinucci + Alberto Boccardi + Attilio Novellino

Sunday 16 June 2013 Door Times : 8pm

The Italian Archive of Soundscapes (AIPS), is a collective of sound artists formed in 2010 by Alessio Ballerini and Francesco Giannico in order to document the changing face of the Italian soundscape and to promote the ecology of sound through a variety of workshops, soundwalks and soundmapping projects covering different Italian cities including Taranto, Bisceglie and Rome. 

With Postcards from Italy, a new project launched by Giulio Aldinucci and Attilio Novellino, each of the participant artists have taken field recordings in their respective cities and areas, which were then redistributed amongst the group on an anonymous basis in order to be reworked and processed. The resulting multifaceted sonic snapshots of the Italian peninsula will be the first official release of AIPS’ new Oak Label and it will be available, for the first time, at Cafe OTO. More infos at

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