BUZZIN’ AROUND || 28 feb 2013 Teatro Fondamenta Nuove

a night of living soundscapes with
Lĕmŭres, zbeen & Nicola Ratti

Teatro Fondamenta Nuove
giovedì 28 febbraio 2013, ore 21
file : under : music

An evening to discover the most fascinating sounds of the Italian electronic scene working with the soundscape. Three exclusive performances to share the fascinating areas where electroacoustic, field recordings, soundscape and concrete music meet / collide to reveal the relationship between space and sound, the emotionality and the architecture of the matter.

Buzzin’ Around – a night of living soundscapes with Lĕmŭres, Zbeen & Nicola Ratti also wants to give visibility to the vitality of some artists who are moving with great creativity in this area and not surprisingly, the show opens with the live set of Lemures and zbeen, all artists working on the soundscape of our land. Then there will be the performance of Nicola Ratti, one of the most interesting Italian musicians in recent years [also active with Ronin].

In collaboration with Galaverna and Ripples Recordings

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